SWaN & Legend Venture Partners

SWaN & Legend Venture Partners was formed in 2012 through the combination of SWaN Investors, a firm created by the management team who founded and scaled N.E.W. Customer Service Companies (a unit of NEWAsurion) and Legend Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm.

Collectively, the partners have created and distributed billions of dollars in value and have invested $300 million in innovative early and growth stage organizations headed by top-flight teams. The partners actively engage with management in building trusted brands worthy of consumer passions in the fields of retail products and services; technology-enabled commerce and education; food and hospitality; and sports and entertainment.

SWaN & Legend Venture Partners seek to invest in organizations that value the ethical treatment of employees, consumers, vendors and communities.

Our Mission: 

         Fun & Profits for...

    • Partners
    • Companies
    • Communities
    • Ourselves

Our Attributes:

         We endeavor to be...

    • Smart
    • Competitive
    • Experienced
    • Engaged
    • Curious
    • Connected
    • Loyal
    • Ethical
    • Self-aware
SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
Box 6247 
Leesburg, VA 20178
(703) 771-6301

For additional information contact: bharris@swanandlegend.com